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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Already, she doesn't take me seriously. Miss Audie A. was being scolded yesterday evening for not wanting to lay on her tummy. It is obvious that she is as capable as her older sister, but she refuses to participate in tummy time. Last night I coaxed her into a few minutes by pulling out the gumball machine toy that J&A purchased for them and showing her how it works. She watched intently and enjoyed the light show from her tummy, but as soon as I stopped, she promptly flopped over onto her back. So, I returned her to tummy position. And she flopped again. And repeat. We played this game for about five minutes before I got the hint.

So, I attempted to have a little heart to heart. But, as you can see by these photos, A Squared has learned the fine art of "Tuning Mama Out" from her sweet Daddy. She's a quick study, as you can see his tried and true techniques in the photos. (1) Feign interest in what I have to say; (2) Attempt to distract me with a coy look; (3) Begin to tune out my voice because of thoughts of dinner; and (4) Become completely distracted by the television. Congratulations, Audrey, you have successfully mastered the art! J, you have a star pupil on your hands!

The Showdown in Motown

The beginning of a lifetime of rumbles that these sisters will have. Maggie doesn't like being on her back anymore, so she tries to grab anything possible to help her to roll onto her tummy. Audrey was available, so she grabbed her. Then Audrey rolled onto her side and started trying to grab Maggie's hands. They were batting at each other back and forth for several minutes. Eventually, their legs became entwined during the battle. Another camcorder moment that I wasn't quick enough for! You see, it is much more fun to sit ringside and giggle! Audrey was the underdog, but I think it was a draw.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

January 14th. The girls were dressed and ready for their lunch date with Erin, but Audrey finally succumbed to her sleepiness while I was getting ready. Maggie took this opportunity to ease her aching gums on her little sister's hand!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The pediatrician asked us to keep trying to get them used to eating from a spoon. It actually went pretty well until they decided to help us by pushing the food in with their hands. So, to distract them, we gave them each a spoon to play with. This only led to them trying to feed themselves by putting their spoon into their mouths. But, eventually, they got the hang of it. So, dinner time is a little longer, a little more messy, but definitely more fun in our house now.

Audrey loves her bathtime!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

They grow up so quickly!! Already in the exersaucers??? Thanks to Aaron and Andrew and their parents, the girls got new toys this week. Maggie is still debating whether or not she likes it, but Audrey, being the wild and crazy adventurer that she is, took to it like a fish to water. She loved it, and I almost believe that she felt pretty grown up standing there in her exersaucer! Last night, while Maggie was taking a nap, I pulled one of them into the kitchen and popped Audrey into it while I was making spaghetti and meat sauce for DD. She entertained me the whole time with fascinating stories and culinary tips. When DD walked into the house, she immediately took credit for the hot meal waiting for him!

Sweeeeeeet Maggie May!
Oh ooh oh oh!
Good times never seem so good!
I've been inclined to believe it never would!
(Thanks Neil!)

Monday, January 09, 2006
We can't believe it's only been four months that we've been in love with these girls. How time flies...Happy Four Month Birthday girls! (17 Weeks, 3 Days or, if we are going by their corrected age: 13 Weeks, 6 Days, or Three Months).

Audrey still refuses to participate in Tummy Time, so we cheat by letting her use the Boppy to get her neck muscles working. I think she's getting too comfortable with this temporary solution!

Maggie & Max.

The dogs love the girls. We'll see how long that lasts, since Maggie is getting better and better at grasping. When they lay next to her, she entwines her fingers into their hair. She doesn't pull, but I'm waiting for the day when I hear a yelp from one of them. Also, Avery has taken to bringing her toys to the girls. I'll play catch with her and, instead of returning the toy to me, she'll plop it onto one of the girls and nudge them with her nose to get them to participate. It's the cutest thing.

Thursday, January 05, 2006
Watching the Rose Bowl. Go Texans!

This battle is fought every single day. Audrey doesn't want the world to pass her by, and therefore, she fights tooth and nail to fend off the Sandman. Her eyelids will teeter on the brink of collapse and sometimes she'll succumb, only to wake up minutes later, more determined than ever to participate in life.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006
The girls got these onsies from Santa Claus, who apparently shops at Baby Gap! They are so cute, and how appropriate that Mags is wearing the Daddy shirt and Audrey is wearing the Mommy shirt. Oh, and the drool stain...Maggie is definitely in the process of teething. She was like a water faucet this weekend and uncharacteristically fussy. Poor girl.