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Wednesday, December 06, 2006
MISSING: My Camera

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LAST SEEN: In the Jeep, on the way to the Christmas Show on Saturday.
REWARD: Um....well, none, really, b/c it's a P.O.S. anyway.
WEARING: A 1G memory card. Okay, so I want that back. You can keep the camera.

Until I either (a) find my camera or (b) find another camera underneath my Christmas Tree*, I will be unable to post new photos of the Beans.

*J, this is in no way a veiled attempt to coax you into purchasing a camera for me for Christmas. However, should you feel the need to do so, please contact Stacy for suggestions on what to buy.



Blogger Becki said...

Knowing you as well as I do, I'm saying you lost it on purpose ! This is something I would do! Cannot wait to get my camera in January! And I owe it all to Stacy too. If I hadn't seen her pics, I wouldn't have fell in love with a Nikon. Not that I will ever be able to take pics like she does. Hey, maybe she should teach photography lessons in SF?

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