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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I hate doctor appointments. It's even worse when it's your children's doctor appointments. And, yes, Dr. B again brought up the idea that the girls must have gotten their father's metabolism. Here's why.

Maggie is now back up to the 5th percentile (from 3rd), at 18 lbs. 13 ½ oz. She gained almost two lbs. in three months, which is excellent! I was noticing her feeling a little heavier just the other day! She is just over the 25th percentile for height at 30 ½ inches (up from 28 ½ inches). And she is over the 50th percentile for head circumference!

Audrey, on the other hand, has only gained ½ lb. in 3 months. She is just barely at 17 lbs. (she has now dipped below the 3rd percentile) and 25th percentile for height at 29 ¼ inches (previously at 27 ¾ inches). Since she has been born, she has been steadily gaining 1 ½ lbs. every 3 months. Due to lack of growth this time around (and she was a little concerned last time and wanted to watch for a pattern), the doctor is concerned about a condition called “failure to thrive”. We're taking her in for bloodwork on Saturday to check for anemia, thyroid and blood sugar issues and have been instructed to feed, feed, feed. The thing is, this girl loves to eat! She eats all the time! She doesn't prefer meat, especially red meat, but she will eat it. Just not as much or with as much gusto as she does with carbs (just like Momma Bean). My dad thinks this is the green light for Oreos and M&Ms!!

Otherwise, the girls are very healthy and doing well. The pediatrician isn't concerned about Audrey not walking. She indicated that she would be concerned if she was 18 months old. Plus, Audrey has been practicing for the past week or so with one or two steps. Maggie is doing just fine and in fact the doctor was impressed with her language skills and said that her skills overall seem to be advanced for her age! The doctor will continue to monitor Audrey’s breathing and also stated that they still shouldn’t have nut products (including peanut butter) until they turn 3 years old.

My dad went with us and he was more traumatized than the girls! He can't stand to see them cry.

Any suggestions for healhty calorie dense foods are greatly appreciated!



Blogger Rants from a Bee said...

Yay on their appointment! I hope everything comes out ok, I'll be praying for you. I wish I knew about meals that have high calories, all I know is McD's! :) I've been looking for cook books all over the place for toodlers!

Blogger Becki said...

Avacodos sliced up into little squares have lots of good fats in them. Are they drinking whole milk? I think I gave Scottie whole until he turned two and then switched to 2%. They sound like they are growing just fine. They are just going to be beanpoles; that's all!

Blogger Suzzette said...

The whole thing with A and the red meat....I am the same way and I have always been that way. Chicken and Pork. I used to ask Mom "If I finish the rest of my veggies can I skip the meat?" I will eat red meat if Mom makes it but only in small bits and it isnt something that I will order out. So it must be something that runs in the family!

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