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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Already, she doesn't take me seriously. Miss Audie A. was being scolded yesterday evening for not wanting to lay on her tummy. It is obvious that she is as capable as her older sister, but she refuses to participate in tummy time. Last night I coaxed her into a few minutes by pulling out the gumball machine toy that J&A purchased for them and showing her how it works. She watched intently and enjoyed the light show from her tummy, but as soon as I stopped, she promptly flopped over onto her back. So, I returned her to tummy position. And she flopped again. And repeat. We played this game for about five minutes before I got the hint.

So, I attempted to have a little heart to heart. But, as you can see by these photos, A Squared has learned the fine art of "Tuning Mama Out" from her sweet Daddy. She's a quick study, as you can see his tried and true techniques in the photos. (1) Feign interest in what I have to say; (2) Attempt to distract me with a coy look; (3) Begin to tune out my voice because of thoughts of dinner; and (4) Become completely distracted by the television. Congratulations, Audrey, you have successfully mastered the art! J, you have a star pupil on your hands!


Blogger Lori Anne Haskell said...

HA! My fav shot was number 2! Loved these!

Blogger Momma Bean said...

These two girls are way too smart for MY own good! They've got my number already! And it's two against one! No fair!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

W-O-W! Look at them!! They're so big and beautiful!!! Aw. You and Jimothy make purty kids.

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