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Monday, July 31, 2006
Lessons learned.
This weekend, I had a project to do. Life has been hectic and I’ve been complaining about what I haven’t been able to accomplish. But a wonderful friend put it into perspective for me. Also, she posted about her recent encounter with her past and how life then compares to life now. And I’ve written and re-written a description of what she does in order to explain to you my new project, but my words just didn’t do the justice that hers did, which brought me to tears. So, I’ll just say, Becki, that I’ve taken several mental photos this weekend. I “photographed” a lot and I am trying so hard to keep them all fresh in my memory, but even two days later, I am having difficulty conjuring up the moments. I’ve tried to go back further to the fall, and the winter. To coming home for the first time and Christmas and just watching them breathe. It’s foggy and mostly, all I see are the goofy smiles that they wear now…But I’ll keep at it. I'll stop and close my eyes and remember every detail and keep that safe for someday later when they don't need me anymore. And I’ll play “Monster” when they ask. Thank you.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jack, HRP and Big Bird. Posted by Picasa

Dancing Queen

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Squared is feeling better after her little allergy attack at Haagan Daz. I think she was more concerned about the fact that she's now cut off from ice cream than she was about the hives that popped up all over her chin. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 13, 2006

BTB I had never really gone garage-saling. I had never been to a Mom-to-Mom sale, nor had I visited a resale shop. But recently, I had noticed that the girls were getting a little tired of their infant toys. Simultaneously, the garage sale season had arrived and I discovered a whole new way to shop! I've only purchased four toys for the girls, but this is my latest and best find. It looked brand new and perfect for a newly mobile bean. And what a steal! Problem is, there weren't two. Let the fighting begin. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A preferred her buttered bread. That's my girl. Posted by Picasa

The Pie loves her SpaghettiOs. Momma Bean does not. Posted by Picasa

Remember paper dolls? I used to love getting the books and punching out the perforated outfits and costumes and dress my girl up in her finest. I had period costumes, beachwear, party dresses and wedding gowns and I cherished them all. Lori posted this adorable site that lets you create your own virtual paper doll. After I discovered the site, I impatiently shoved my work aside and began playing.

What I came up with made me laugh. I could have chosen from countless tops and accessories and displayed my hobbies or adorable dogs proudly. But the end result suits me just fine. In fact, it makes me beam with pride. In the past year and a half, I have moved from spending countless dollars on make-up (well…except tonight) and the latest sale at The Limited and Express to piling a mound of baby clothes onto the counter at Children’s Place with a sense of satisfaction that my girls would be dressed to the nines while I traipse around in my 2004 summer wardrobe (2005 consisted of my baby blue maternity tracksuit and various hospital gowns).

My highlights and lowlights have grown out, my eyebrows are unruly and my fingers and toes look like hell. My hair can usually be found in a ponytail, since this way it’s out of reach of little hands. My Coach bag contains diaper coupons, a pacifier and a pair of (cute) baby sandals. I’ve traded in my stilettos for Old Navy flip flops (two for $5.00!) and my jewelry sits dusty in my jewelry box. Basically, I’m a mess. I’m unrecognizable. And I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

But! I’m coming out of my mommy cocoon! I’m re-emerging, thanks to sweet E’s bridal shower. The other day, my shopping pro mother and I grabbed the girls and went to The Big Mall (as Jack and Gramps calls it) and I found two adorable outfits that brought to mind the ME of the old days. BTB. Before the Beans. My hair appointment is scheduled and my eyebrows and toes have seen their last unkempt days. I knocked the socks off of J during my mini-fashion show of my new wares and the icing on the cake was the sweet deal I got tonight on a pair of shoes and MY NEW FAVORITE make-up, thanks to Stacy. I had found myself again!

Now, sitting here in my favorite jammies, I look at the little paper doll I created. It’s curious to me that I put on and then removed the adorable little tops and matching bags and replaced them with a slogan filled tank, sensible shoes, and the most important accessory of all…a stroller filled with two pink little bundles of life. That’s all I need right there to know who I am...That, and my grande nonfat white chocolate mocha. No whip. Iced during the summer.

*My hair doesn't look like that now, but that's the look I'll be going for on Saturday...what do you think my hair stylist will think when I bring her a print-out of this doll??

Friday, July 07, 2006

Jack's back!!! And the Beans couldn't be happier. He's so sweet with them and they follow him wherever he goes. Tonight, A was in a fit of giggles watching Jack blow bubbles for the girls on the deck. Oklahoma is too far away, sunshine. They need you here. At least they have you for the month. We've already attacked Target and Petsmart. Tomorrow, it's the show and Toys R Us. Next week...the Tigers? Welcome home Jack! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Now I know I'm a mom. Yesterday, while absent-mindedly strolling the girls through the Target baby section, I happened to see that they were having a sale on THE BEST brand named car seat on the market. FOR HALF OFF! People. This is big. It's the highest rated in safety, ease in use, style, etc. and it's the number one recommended brand by pediatrician and safety specialists. And, it's one of the most expensive you can buy.

Being a mother of twins and having to buy things in duplicate, you can imagine how expensive things can get (especially when said mother has a problem passing a Baby Gap without taking a look-see). So I drag the girls around Target to find the nearest sales associate who I hoped would tell me what I wanted to hear.

But he doesn't.

Instead, he points me to another car seat that was on sale. BUT THAT'S NOT THE ONE I WANT! I want to scream. I ask politely if he could contact other stores in the area for me. Apparently he doesn't understand me because he looks as if I asked him for the family jewels! Downtrodden, I trudge back to the Jeep with the girls in tow. But, I am re-energized by the time we get home. I can't let a deal like that pass me up! I call eight different Targets. In the midst of it, I discover that some other desperate mother was calling as well, or so an unhelpful sales girl informed me. OHN! This is war now lady! You've just upped the ante!

Right about now, Maggie is "Mama mama mama-ing" away as her internal clock has just informed her that 5:30 p.m. has come and gone. She's crawling towards me with a determined look in her eye, but I'm just as determined to find these car seats. I shoot off an email to all out-of-state relatives to be on the lookout. I snap at yet another Target employee. YES, YOU DO CARRY THIS BRAND! I break into a sweat.

Finally, I can hold out no more and I throw in the towel. I slam my phone down, grab the girls and prepare and serve dinner. I am dejected. Why oh why didn't I go to Target this weekend like I had planned?

Maggie and Audrey yet again succeed in cheering me up with their dinner-time banter. I decide to make one last call to the Target in Auburn Hills.

And guess what?

They have TWO left! While talking to the sales lady, strike that, begging the sales lady to hold the car seats (and contemplating bribing her with some of the money I will have saved from the sale), I'm grabbing the girls, the dogs, the purse and keys and making my way out the door. It's now 7:00 p.m. and one hour away from bedtime. The lady says no and I grumble that I'm on my way. I pick up the husband and we trek it out to Great Lakes Crossing. I jump out as J pulls to a rolling stop, yelling back that I'd be ready for a fight if I caught someone with her paws on my car seats.

Out of breath, I make it to the display. There is nothing there. NOTHING. Umm... I search frantically behind other boxes. I page a sales associate. I find one. When she gets there, I ask her where the other one is. As if she was hoarding them in the back room somewhere. She says that she remembers speaking with me and that she did see two there. I contemplate wandering around the store looking for the box and demanding that the perpertrator return the seat to its rightful owner. Seriously, I thought of this. Briefly. But I did. I call J up, who is sitting in the parking lot with two very sleepy and very cranky Beans. What can he do? I don't know, but I thought he'd have at least one idea!

So, I bought it. And now I'll get the other one at full price, I'm sure, but at least I saved $$$ on this one! I never thought I'd see the day...I ran around town once for a dress that I had to have. And I stayed up all night for Spartan season tickets and New Kids on the Block tickets. But this? A car seat!?!? Shows you what I'd do for a Bean. This, and much much more.