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Monday, July 31, 2006
Lessons learned.
This weekend, I had a project to do. Life has been hectic and I’ve been complaining about what I haven’t been able to accomplish. But a wonderful friend put it into perspective for me. Also, she posted about her recent encounter with her past and how life then compares to life now. And I’ve written and re-written a description of what she does in order to explain to you my new project, but my words just didn’t do the justice that hers did, which brought me to tears. So, I’ll just say, Becki, that I’ve taken several mental photos this weekend. I “photographed” a lot and I am trying so hard to keep them all fresh in my memory, but even two days later, I am having difficulty conjuring up the moments. I’ve tried to go back further to the fall, and the winter. To coming home for the first time and Christmas and just watching them breathe. It’s foggy and mostly, all I see are the goofy smiles that they wear now…But I’ll keep at it. I'll stop and close my eyes and remember every detail and keep that safe for someday later when they don't need me anymore. And I’ll play “Monster” when they ask. Thank you.


Blogger Becki said...

Awww, sweetie! I know it's hard! When I look at Scottie's baby cousins now, I try to remember him at that stage and most times I can't. We are all so busy and time is flying! I guess that's why I take so many dang pictures but I'm so behind on my scrapbooking that when I try to journal something about a picture, I forget! I know we can't possibly remember all of it but I'm sure most of it will make us smile in the future years.
I miss you!

Blogger dada said...

See, Victor is not the only one obsessed with pictures. As he says, capture the moments now, because you will never get them back. It will only be a memory that fades as time goes by. Enjoy them as they are young, take and many pictuers and as many video tapes that you can. XoXoXXoo

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