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Friday, February 24, 2006
What We Did On Mid-Winter Break

Audrey grudgingly gave in and began to roll over (consistently) without assistance. Until she gets bored, buries her face into the blanket and wails until you turn her over. Wherein you are rewarded with a toothless grin and some (Mike) boogies on her cheek.

Maggie learned to steal. Toys, that is. From her sister.

Audrey learned that payback is a B and that Maggie will relinquish stolen toys with a quick twist of the earlobe.

Max fell in love with Audrey all over again and discovered that he has an exceedingly high threshold for pain. And less chin hair than he had last week.

Took Mommy shopping FOUR times. On Friday, we went with G&G, Monday, with Angie & the boys, Tuesday with Amanda & the girls and Wednesday with Daddy. Did a little damage at Baby Gap, but otherwise spent the days watching Mother consume several mall pretzels (we’ve verified that they aren’t on the Sonoma Diet List), showing off our cute threads and dazzling smiles, and unsuccessfully avoiding gross old ladies that lipstick outside the lines and love to poke at us.

Audrey learned that she does have what it takes to be an American Idol.

Met Mommy’s college roommates. But not the crazy one.

Maggie was grounded from the television.

Missed Daddy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006
My Funny Valentine(s).
My funny valentine;
Sweet, comic valentine;
You make me smile with my heart.
Don't change a hair for me;
Not if you care for me;
Stay, little valentine, stay!

Each day is valentine's day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This is generally how our weekdays go...I bring you home from Gramma's house and let you snooze in your carseats for about an hour while I tend to the dogs and sort through the mail. When you wake up, it's around 4:30 p.m. and I'll put in some Baby Mozart or Baby Shakespeare for background noise and we'll roll around the ground for an hour, playing with toys and practicing our ABCs and 123s and taking photos.

Right around 5:30 p.m., Mags will sound the hunger cry and I'll fix us up some delicious Enfamil (six ounces) and rice cereal (1.25 tablespoons and some formula) and set you both up in your bouncers. By now, Audrey has joined in the wails for food (I thought that the eating every three hour thing fades away with time?? Of course, your father is proof that this theory is false!) and I quickly try to fit your wriggling bodies with bibs and get you ready for your feast. I give Maggie her bottle first while feeding Audrey her cereal. Audrey is impatient and requires smooth moves, like the Airplane or the Choo-choo Train, to divert her attention to the spoon, but before long, the cereal is gone. Then the switcheroo. Audrey gets her bottle and Maggie gets her cereal. More accurately, Maggie's cheeks get her cereal, but we try to get some of the rice into her slurping mouth!

When dinner is done, the girls are sawing logs and I'm off to do dishes or fold laundry or some other domestic chore that I dread. And if you're really being sweet, you'll sleep until about 7:00 p.m. and I can sneak onto the Internet to email your father about your latest achievements. Last night, it was Maggie doing the rocking motion for the first time, on her knees. Audrey was fine just watching her sister and providing play-by-play to the camcorder.

By the time Daddy gets home, the three of us are in the kitchen for some singing, dancing and cooking!! But mostly singing and dancing...

Sunday, February 12, 2006

15...the amount of times in a row I had to sing the ABC song to Audrey last night.

8...the seconds between the time I stopped singing to take a breath and the time she began wailing.

3...the number of odd looks I received from drivers passing me, as I tried my best to begin yet another enthusastic rendition of Audrey's favorite song.

1...person I flipped off, because of the odd look I received. (It was J, as we were driving back from picking up my Jeep, which I left at E's house earlier that day).

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Maggie May needed a bath horribly. She usually gets one every other day...or at least every two days. Gramma gives her a bath during the week, but this weekend, she decided to run her rice laden hands through what little hair she has. The girl can eat her cereal, and when she sees the spoon come towards her, she gets so happy that her hands flail and she squirms in anticipation. She eats with as much gusto as she smiles - and if you know Maggie, you know what that means...
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Saturday, February 11, 2006
Happy Birthday Miss E!
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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

So, girls…I haven’t posted your recent stats or milestones lately and I feel horrible. You see, I attempted to transfer your blogs to a new! and improved! site and I, being the HTML illiterate that I am, just can’t get it right. And I want it to be beautiful and perfect (just like you!) so I keep trying and trying, but it just won’t work. And really, I’m only at work for six hours a day – prime posting time – but I do actually have to work when I’m away from you (no snickering J…and S….and E….I really do “work” sometimes!). So, I apologize for this sorry excuse for a virtual scrapbook, and I promise I will do better!

Enough of that, it’s your BIRTHDAY!!! YIPPEE!!! Actually, it’s your five-month birthday, not your actual birthday. But this is coming from a girl who feels it necessary to notify her loved ones of her ½ birthday (March 23rd, if you’re asking), so who am I to talk?!?!? It’s you FIVE-MONTH BIRTHDAY!!!!

According to the experts, this month we can expect you to notice bold colors (you’ve been doing that), roll over (M does all the time, but A can’t be bothered with it – even though I know you can!!), recognize your own name (done), and sit momentarily without support (almost).

Maggie, you are the rolling queen! You roll over in your sleep now too, which causes your father much concern. You are now propping yourself up on your knees and shoving your bottom in the air in a valiant attempt to crawl. Today we’ll call it scooting, but I expect you to be crawling at any moment, with your determination. You’re probably the happiest baby I’ve ever seen, with an easy smile and an independent spirit. You don’t need much attention, being happy to amuse yourself with a toy or your dogs or your sister’s toes. You don’t have a favorite toy, but you love to hear Mommy sing the ABC song to you and Sister. You are a drooling maniac and I’m convinced that you’ll cut your first tooth in the next month or so. You’re still quiet and observant, but every once in awhile, you’ll treat us with a squeal of delight or a shout of approval. You prefer to slurp off your spoon rather than eat it, and you would sleep twenty-two hours a day if we let you. But when you awaken…boy that smile could stop a heart!

Audrey, our baby girl. You’ve got our number and you’re not afraid to use it. Who would roll or crawl when she could be carried? Who would bother entertaining herself when she could demand entertainment from her devoted audience? You love to be the center of attention, to be thrown in the air and jostled about. I can see you becoming a tomboy – though I dislike the idea of labeling you, you are already my little daredevil and the mischievous glint in your eyes can mean nothing but trouble! You have a story to tell, and won’t even quiet down for dinner. And speaking of dinner…if we don’t get that spoon to you in a timely fashion, you are sure to let us know. You love your chimes and your exersaucer. You could gaze in the mirror all day and have begun the habit of absentmindedly twirling your beautiful hair. You love to be naked, much to the chagrin of Daddy, and even more so, you love to shadow box with Pops. You hate to be on your belly and will roll to your side only if Big Sister is nearby and waiting for your monologue of the day’s events. You get a kick out of your best friend and she is the only one that can easily bring a smile to your face. Everyone else must earn it!

To think we’ve been blessed with only five months of you in our lives. It’s as if you’ve been here forever. We love you more than anything, baby girls. Thank you for your love, pure and true and constant.


Monday, February 06, 2006
Pretty in Pink
**Happy Birthday to Aunt Amanda (02/05/06) and Jack (02/06/06)**
We miss you horribly and can't wait to see you again in April!
Love, Maggie & Audrey.


Saturday, February 04, 2006
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Friday, February 03, 2006
Oh Maggie! There must have been a misunderstanding! You see...Detroit is not going to the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl is coming to Detroit!