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Friday, February 24, 2006
What We Did On Mid-Winter Break

Audrey grudgingly gave in and began to roll over (consistently) without assistance. Until she gets bored, buries her face into the blanket and wails until you turn her over. Wherein you are rewarded with a toothless grin and some (Mike) boogies on her cheek.

Maggie learned to steal. Toys, that is. From her sister.

Audrey learned that payback is a B and that Maggie will relinquish stolen toys with a quick twist of the earlobe.

Max fell in love with Audrey all over again and discovered that he has an exceedingly high threshold for pain. And less chin hair than he had last week.

Took Mommy shopping FOUR times. On Friday, we went with G&G, Monday, with Angie & the boys, Tuesday with Amanda & the girls and Wednesday with Daddy. Did a little damage at Baby Gap, but otherwise spent the days watching Mother consume several mall pretzels (we’ve verified that they aren’t on the Sonoma Diet List), showing off our cute threads and dazzling smiles, and unsuccessfully avoiding gross old ladies that lipstick outside the lines and love to poke at us.

Audrey learned that she does have what it takes to be an American Idol.

Met Mommy’s college roommates. But not the crazy one.

Maggie was grounded from the television.

Missed Daddy.


Blogger Lori Anne Haskell said...

My fav was "Maggie learned to steal". hehe

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