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Monday, August 14, 2006

We're feeling a little nutty lately... Posted by Picasa

On Sunday, Aaron and Andrew pulled petunias out of Momma Bean's flower bed to give to us and today we've been bestowed with two beautiful bouquets of flowers from Peanut and Cashew. We're a couple of lucky beans! You see, we're being courted by these cutie pies and we're over the moon. They're tall dark and handsome just like Daddy and they sure do know how to woo a bean. To show our gratitude, we'd like to share our chocolates with you boys. Momma Bean won't let us have them (Grampa will..shhh!), but they sure are fun to play with. Thanks boys, you're the cat's meow!


Blogger Rants from a Bee said...

That was awesome! I can't wait for the boys to wake up and see this lovely present! You made our day! Rock on little sweethearts! :)
Snickers and Milky Way...mmmmmmm!

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