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Friday, August 11, 2006

This is the real HRP. For you newbies, Her Royal Pie-ness (Maggie) was always pegged the shy one. And yes, she did have a bout with separation anxiety and stranger fear at around six months. To date, she continues to give any stranger who gets too close a wary look. But in our world, this is HRP. Audrey is the demure, dainty bean. She's a flirt, yes. And she loves to be the center of attention. But like a Southern belle, she works her charm just so, and before you know it, you're entangled in her web immediately. Mags, on the other hand (if you're lucky enough to be someone she knows and trusts), approaches life with a loud bang. She is full of energy, impatient and extremely independent. She is an easy laugh and will keep you running. She's got a wild look in her blue eyes most of the time and will do anything to make you crack a smile. She doesn't need an audience though, she can entertain herself (and her sister) for hours on end and not give you a second's glance. That's another thing. She's not very affectionate. She doesn't have time for it! Don't bother trying to get a kiss from her - something that A gives freely and gently as if she's kissing a feather - M will shoot you down and leave you feeling embarrassed and rejected. No hugs either. She'll cuddle on her terms only. Try to tie her down and she'll just wriggle out or throw her body back in an effort to escape. But my favorite times are when her shell cracks just a little bit every night and she crawls into my lap and just sits. She fits so perfectly and for the little time that she'll allow me, I smell her head and hold her and just enjoy the brief stillness. And then she's gone again.


Blogger Rants from a Bee said...

Oh that pic is just priceless! HRP is just addictive! The way you describe her makes me feel like I know her already! The way that A is looking at her cracks me up! So you guys give them a bath at the same time? How does that work?

Blogger Momma Bean said... doesn't. I attempted it last night by myself and was drenched. As was the countertop and floor. And one of my dogs, who happened to be standing right beside me. I think we need to move to the tub!! How do you bathe the boys? I need tips!

Blogger Becki said...

awww, very cute pic! I also thought that you describe them so well. I love that they are so different!

Blogger Rants from a Bee said...

we use this bather (3rd one I bought) that I love. I put them over the bathroom sink and they love staring at themselves in the mirror. We bathe one at a time (I bathe one, hubby bathes the other) We're going to have to transfer to the tub, but I don't want the backaches just yet.

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