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Friday, August 11, 2006
I guess I'm IT.

*But I think Becki cheated too!

Five items in my freezer
1. Eggless waffles (for A)
2. Chicken Parmesan ravioli
3. Chicken breasts
4. Tropical Sorbet
5. Lean Pockets

Five items in the closet
1. Shoes
2. My Calvin Klein comforter that my sister bought me for THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS! (Which is a big thing, as it's normally $400!!!)
3. Purses
4. Hangers
5. Box of maternity clothes

Five items in the car
1. Jim's iPod
2. Bottled water empties
3. Peg (the stroller)
4. The printout of the laptop that should be arriving in a week! Yes!
5. Black flip flops from Ann Taylor Loft

Five items in my purse
1. My cellie
2. Receipt for the alterations
3. Jim's speeding ticket
4. Coupons to (1) VS; (2) Express; (3) B&BW; and (4) The Limited
5. My keys

People I tag: Jurgen Nation, Lori, BEE and all of my LURKERS!!!


Blogger Becki said...

so,you are getting a new laptop? How cool!

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