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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Things that happened this weekend at the Bean HouseholdPosted by Picasa

1. Momma Bean received JN's business cards and they're so PERFECT and she highly recommends them and is desperately waiting for JN to meet the Beans and decide on them as her next subject.

2. A's first tooth is emerging and her second has just made it's appearance. So far, M remains gummily addorable.

3. The Beans spotted G&G at the Tigers game on TV Saturday evening.

4. Momma Bean finally got her laptop. With no A/C adapter. Strike Two, Dell.

5. The Beans took a hike on a nature trail and met several ducks and a psychotic squirrel. Which greatly amused them and their Momma, but irritated Daddy. Wha??? Squirrels like Goldfish Crackers!

6. J had the whole weekend off and realized that being Momma Bean is a lot more difficult than he thought.

7. MB took some photos, at Miss E's request, including the one above, and realized that she is in dire need of professional intervention (See #1). But don't they just look sweet?

8. MB met another M.O.M. to be and missed the kicks and wiggles immensely.

8a. As such, MB made a decision to not sell any more Bean equipment or clothing, with the firm support of Daddy Bean.*

Things that did not happen this weekend at the Bean household.

1. Household chores and cleaning.

*Don't get too excited my peeps, as this endeavor will not be undertaken for at least another one to two years!


Blogger Becki said...

oh, thanks for the disclosure at the bottom because my heart raced for a second there! Believe me, a year or two will fly by! Great bullet points!

Blogger Rants from a Bee said...

I had to reread that last point and then finally noticed the astericks!
I'm so confused about #1, but let me go to your link maybe that will help!
Also, AMEN! to your things Not getting done list! :)
I love this pic by the way the background is awesome.
Also, are my monkeys weird? They've got 8 teeth's painful Momma Bean, very painful when they decide to bite you...multiple times....

Blogger Rants from a Bee said...

ok, now I get it! I loved her people pictures! the one of the little baby next to the window or the marriage ceremony on the 2nd page, the colors were so vibrant! Your little beans are going to be such great muses. (sp?)

Blogger Lori Anne Haskell said...

Stacy will do a great job! But, I have to say that you take great pictures, Jeannie. I love all of them.

Blogger Suzzette said...

Who is the Photographer?! They take wonderful photos!!!
I can't get over how big the girls are getting!
Incase Mom didn't tell you yet we are coming to the party. :)

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