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Monday, October 09, 2006

My sisters out-of-state will be furious when I say this: I'm done with cider mills! G&G and I took the girls on Sunday to our local and most popular cider mill for a little cider and doughnuts and some farm animals. As the year have gone by, it has gotten busier and busier at this particular cider mill, growing from just a little farm with a bakery and shop to a full blown commercialized zoo (not an actual zoo...the other definition of a zoo) , equiped with corn maze, petting farm, hay rides and ridiculous prices. The lines to every concession stand and to the actual cider mill went on forever and was well more than a half hour long. I waited in line for almost half an hour to get M something to drink, as she was having a minor meltdown, and I had to come back empty-handed, after wrestling with whether or not she'd be better off out of this place or having her thirst quenched.

M had several minor meltdowns that day, beginning with lunch with the grandparents at Champps and ending with a trip to Target to spend Momma Bean's birthday gift certificate. She's not big on crowds or people looking at her or being confined, plus she was working on a half hour nap. For a bean who will sleep 16 hours a night if you let her, this was not a good thing. I thought that Target would cheer her up, as it always makes her erupt in delightful oohs and ahhs, but she wasn't having any of it yesterday. Not even the annoying singing Cookie Monster stocking could garner a smile from that bean.

A Squared, on the other hand, loved it. What could be better than even more people looking at you and telling you how cute you are? I have a feeling that, if she could talk, she'd respond to everyone's compliments with a resounding, "I know!" (think Monica Gellar...or Momma Bean...) She loved the doughnuts (M did not) and got such a kick out of the petting farm that she didn't seem to want to leave.

Anyway, though I swore to the heavens that I wouldn't return, we'll be back this weekend with Daddy. We also have a date with Miss E. when she returns from her European honeymoon to partake in a little cider and doughnuts with her. Hopefully by then, M will warm up to the idea and everyone else in Michigan will find something else to do!

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Blogger Rants from a Bee said...

can I just tell you that they are just getting more and more beautiful every day! I want a little girl now!

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