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Monday, August 28, 2006
The Fair, The Photos and a Couple of Fledgling Fly Girls.

On Friday, Amanda S. invited the girls and I to the Bath City Festival with her and her twins A&J. I, in turn, invited Angie and her twins A&A along for the ride. And what a spectacle. Three women and three sets of twins. Get out of the way, or we’ll mow you over. I realize that we should have known that we’d draw attention to ourselves, and after almost a year of this, I am pretty much immune to the gawks and comments of others (which, for the most part are pleasant and kind, but occasionally I’ve received a shake of the head and a “You poor thing!” to which I’d like to reply, “Why, because I have two beautiful, well-behaved little girls and am enjoying myself out on the town with them? Or because I’m not you, you selfish, evil, mean-spirited troll?” but have as yet, never had the courage to do…), but I was more than a little surprised at all of the fanfare we received. I think we would have been at the Festival for half of the three hours we were there, had we not been a gaggle of M.O.M.s and their twins.

Anyway, we had a blast. M&A were able to see, up close and personal, some baby chicks, geese, a goat, a sheep, a cow and some bunnies. They were allowed to pet a little bunny and A came thisclose to poking out the eye of an unsuspecting little turtle. They loved every second of it, even though they didn’t get to participate in the moonwalk with A&A&J&A. Though I charged my camera the night before, I forgot to bring it on Friday (doh!) so I don’t have any photos to share…We’ll be back next year Mt. Clemens!

On Saturday, Daddy Bean had to work (again) and so we decided to take a trek over to Canton to have lunch with Stacy and Lori and then head over to the new Ikea store. Finally! I’ve been dying for Stacy to work her wonder on the girls and you can check out her breathtaking work here. While you’re there, look around, because her work is amazing.* Lori took some gorgeous photos too – I wish I could take pictures like these gals, I just don’t have the eye for it. Luckily for me, I know people who do.

Lunch was grand, but Ikea was another story. I’m not much of a catalog shopper. I’d rather go to the store, hold the product, try it on and check for any faults before I plunk down my money. Plus, I hate the idea of shipping and handling. Now, after suffering a near panic attack, I’m rethinking my position. Ikea has a lot of cool products and great prices, but there is no way that I am returning to that place where I was split seconds away from ditching the girls in the middle of that monstrosity and running madly towards the exit in an effort to escape my claustrophobia. It was insanity.

On Sunday, we relaxed. Rather, we buckled down on some new dance moves and filmed a sure-fire winner for America’s Funniest Home Videos. Reinforcing my ignorance and incapacity to handle a camera properly, I filmed the girls practicing their moves to their new favorite song, SexyBack, sideways. So, you’ll have to check back later, after Aunt Dada has corrected my mistake. It’s worth the wait though, to see “stir the pot” and others…

*Mention "mommabean" to get 5% off any order placed with Stacy.


Blogger Rants from a Bee said...

Just when I thought the girls couldn't be more find two people to prove me wrong! Those photos are breathtaking they really are!

Ikea....ugh...I love the place but I'm with you...catalog only now.

Blogger Suzzette said...

Ooh my gosh those pics are amazing!!! Your friend does wonderful work!! If I hear of anyone looking for wedding pics or something I will suggest her hands down!!
Are you getting prints made to frame or anything?

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