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Monday, September 18, 2006
Momma Bean Public Service Announcement of the Week:

It's all right to find different ways to use your baby products. I've used baby shampoo for shaving my legs and those little baby hangers are perfect for my camisole collection. But there are some things that just won't work.

Contrary to popular belief, Anbesol does not, in fact, make eye-brow tweezing any less painful. It can, however, make your face smell like bubble-gum flavored Bubbalicious, if you put just the right amount on.

Instead, may I suggest a bottle of wine?



Blogger The Town Criers said...

Never, never in a million years thought about the other uses for anbesol. There was the night I tried it myself to see how quickly it worked. Kicked myself afterwards because I hate that numb feeling.

By the way, I also wish there had been more of a pg after IF (though I'm happy that I'm now part of a parenting after IF group through these blogs) community a few years ago. After I finally got my positive and I was out of the first trimester, I sort of slunk off into the dark to worry for the next 6 months (which were actually more like 4 1/2 months since we delivered early. Aaaaah...twins). Which sucked. Because I felt very alone with the fact that I wasn't a carefree pregnant woman. I was a wildly nervous, anxious, don't do anything to jinx this pregnant woman.

Blogger Rants from a Bee said...

You know, just when I thought we couldn't possibly have more in bust out with this!
I too have used anbesol on my eyebrows (repeatedly) and finally my 15 year old sister at the time told me to suck it up and that it doesn't hurt to tweeze without the drugs. I have since been too ashamed to use it again, but admitedly, you're right, it didn't help. Now about that wine....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never thought of Anbesol, but what works for me is Chap Stick or regular old lip balm. Either that or Vaseline, but I never have any of that. I use the balm as the poor woman's substitute.

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