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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

So, yesterday, I attempted to give the girls a bath on my own for the first time. Yes, the girls are approaching seven months and I had yet to accomplish that motherly task. You see, I was petrified, terrified and mortified at the thought of some horrendous water accident that would injure my sweet babies due to my inexperience! So, up until now, the girls have been bathed by either J and me as a team, or by my mom, when she's watching them during the week. For some reason, yesterday I was feeling particularly ambitious. Or, I didn't want to begin tackling the piling laundry or "soaking" dishes. Or, my laptop was beginning to make peculiar noises and warnings of "low disk space" kept nagging at me. Regardless, I gathered all of the items needed to properly bathe a little one and then proceeded to take a nap. Kidding...but really, do you know how much preparation it takes to bathe a child?? A lot! Take my word on it! I could have used a nap after that! I got the girls ready in their cute little baby robes (courtesy of Miss E.) and began to bathe them one at a time. A was first and the fact that she had christened her little pink robe should have given me warning signs of what was to come. But she enjoyed her bath and I enjoyed smelling her clean toes and brushing her hair to the point that she began to resemble a Monchichi again. Next was Big Sister. The Pie was enthusiastic and joyous, as usual (and as evidenced by the photos), but had I looked closely, I would have noticed a little glint of her sister's mischeviousness in her eyes. No sooner did I begin to take the first step of washing her hair, I smelled something that made me think of J. I looked down and am now delighted to report that Mags made like Bill Murray and performed her own sort of "christening" on the tub. I quickly gathered her up, wrapped her into her towel and placed her on the floor so that I could discard of her little gift. When I returned, she was on her belly, stark naked, scooting after poor Max.


Blogger Lori Anne Haskell said...

OK, the look on Maggie's face is priceless. I love this pic. Oh, and congrats! Your first bath on your own! Yay!

Blogger Momma Bean said...

Yes!!! It was fun! And the end result is priceless! I wonder why adults don't smell that good after a bath???

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