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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

She stood on her own today. Well. She was holding onto the ottoman with both hands, then just one hand, then gingerly she removed her right hand from the ottoman. For a brief ten seconds, I could see the realization in her eyes of what she had just accomplished. Freedom! I'm big now! I can do it! Immediately, she toppled to the floor into a fit of giggles.

At that moment, I was both overwhelmingly proud of her new feat and a little wistful for the helpless little bean that could only be held and cuddled for hours on end. She's nine days ahead of her ten-month marker, yet I sense a mix of both time rushing by way too fast and the moments of their newness fresh in my memory. I don't want them to leave baby-ness behind, but I'm so thrilled at the thought of them growing into little people and of being able to share with them all the wonderful little things that I love about being alive.


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