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Thursday, December 29, 2005
Is this becoming a trend? I've been told it was the crazy weekend, the beginnings of the teething phase, or just her winning personality...Audrey was at it again last night and this time Daddy was there to witness. I know that I tend to exaggerate sometimes (just to make a point!), but I was almost a little gleeful that he was there to see THE RAGE. It was more than a little funny to watch him dash around the house, searching for the gas drops, the Tylenol, a bottle or her Pipe*, while I delved once again into my limited repertoire of children's songs, got her into her prefered position in my arms, and rocked her to sleep.
I went to a psychic on December 27, 2004 with my sister-in-law Tracy and good friend Erin. I am not a believer but this guy is as close to the "real thing" as it's going to get. I had been to him once before, so I was expecting great things from him. Among other things, he told me that 2005 would bring a little girl to me - a moody one with long dark hair. He immediately followed that statement with one that was on the mark - he advised me that he saw me with two children, either one right after the other or twins. He mistakenly identified the other one as a boy and not my Sweet Maggie May, but that's beside the point. Weird, huh?
Who would have thought that Dragon Lady 2 would produce a "moody" girl?? Everyone, it seems...and I love her so!
*Thanks to Gramps, our pacifiers, binkies, nuks, pacis, whatever YOU want to call them are called "Pipes" in our household. Get it right buster!


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