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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Otherwise known as (queue the drums) THE BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA...Okay, so it's 4 months 15 days away, but a girl's gotta get prepared right? E and I were joking that it should actually be renamed M&A's Cotillion (E) and that it would put MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" to shame (me) but now I'm starting to I going too far?

It's a first birthday party. The girls will nap thrice during that day, poop twice and fly into a raging temper tantrum once. Each. This is my guess, so why am I pushing my REAL work aside to start the guest list? For a party that they'll likely not enjoy and definitely won't remember? Who started this idea that not only do we throw our children wild 16th birthday parties, graduation parties and going away parties (to college or the slammer 0r war, whichever is first), but we must also celebrate their lives with extravagant FIRST birthday parties?

Maybe I answered my own question in the phrase "celebrate their lives"...if I had my druthers, I'd celebrate their lives with a gift, a slice of cake and balloons every day!

We're just talking about it now...setting the date, thinking of party dresses, drafting a guest list. But I know what I'm headed for in the coming months. And. Is 63 too many for a child's birthday party? Considering less than 10 will be children?

Scratch the pinata.


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